Comparison of Top Cloud Storage Services – SkyDrive, Google Drive & Dropbox

Do you heard about online storage service which is used store your files, document, images, videos whatever from your home computer and can access it from anywhere in the world. It can be possible with the help of the Cloud storage services like SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more similar services. Before using any one of these different online storage device we have to compare its price, storage capacity, Supported platforms, built-in file viewers, account security, file search and many other related features.

Comparison of Google Drive SkyDrive and Dropbox:

Storage Limits:

First of all take a look upon storage capacity; it is the main feature of online services. Users mainly glance upon on storage because more capacity stores more. In Dropbox 2-3 gigabytes space used for storing where as in Google Cloud Service has 5 gigabytes, in other hand SkyDrive gift you 7GB storage space for new users. In Dropbox, if you want to store any sized file through desktop client the storage limit is 2 gigabyte. Where as in SkyDrive we can store file up to 300 megabytes directly from web browser and 10 GB limit in Google Drive.

Supported stages:

SkyDrive online storage services supported for Windows, Mac, iPad, Windows Phone and iPhone where as Google Cloud Space is accessible for Android phones or tablet, Mac. Finally Dropbox is supported for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android device, BlackBerry, and iOS. In this Supported platform comparison Dropbox is the winner because it can accessible is many device.

Built-in file viewers:

In this level Dropbox and SkyDrive online storage service can view different format files as well as docs, Videos, photos and PDFs. In other hand Google Drive can also view files of different formats and Photoshop, AutoCAD too without using extra software. So Google Drive is better than other online storage services.

File History:

If you delete or change a file by mistake in Dropbox account we can restore with no trouble because dropbox account store 30 days file history only. Where as in Google’s Cloud storage service and SkyDrive it is possible to restore the deleted document, but they haven’t mentioned how many days will preserve the deleted file. In the case SkyDrive if you delete file in the SkyDrive web application, the deleted file is lost permanently but in Google Drive and Dropbox the removed file go straight away to trash. So we can restore it from trash.

Account Security:

The Google Drive is provided by Google so it is connected to Google account. So you can be relevant with two step protection which gives more security for the user’s data. And other person can’t use your online data. But this additional protection is not offered for SkyDrive and Dropbox users.

Storage cost:

Cost varies by its storage capacities different online storage service offer you the following storage cost. The different top service providers like Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox price list are given below.

Storage Service Storage(GB) Max file size(GB) Cost per month(dollars) Storage(GB)
SkyDrive 7 2 0.832.08




Google Drive 5 10 2.494.99






Dropbox 2 0.3 10.0020.00 50100

Above given price list Google Drive is better than SkyDrive because it contain maximum file size. In the case of storage SkyDrive has 7GB which is higher. Many users like Google Drive with its features, solid views and very fast in file browsing. And we can also send any file to other person by attachment.

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Price Comparison:


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