Are Indian Technology, Gadgets & Social Media Blogs Moving Down or Consolidated?

As I completed the 1 year of my blogging journey so far, I saw many highs and lows in the way of success, but the success is yet to reach and its long way to go! As we always do case study and some research before moving into any particular field, we will learn something from the studies and researches. Here is my smallest and quickest case study, which will help all upcoming Technology, Gadgets and Social Media bloggers to think before planning to move on to next level.

Wait, I am not telling you guys to stop blogging and go get any other offline job. You can bring it on! But learn from the mistakes of others and prevent it on your blogs. You should not do the mistakes while starting and you should take care of the quality and user engagement first.

As I learnt from the research, most of the high authority tech, gadgets or social media blogs are losing ground. Yes, may be the Panda effect. But if we look at it very closely, we (Indian authors) might be lagging in quality English, grammar and the usage of writing styles for geeks. Pardon me! I am also a moron in English and I learnt all my education in Kannada medium (language of Karnataka) and I jumped into blogging about Gadgets, Technology and Social media tips & tricks in English language and found the success what I deserve for.

Top Tech Blogs of India are losing Ground

Yes, I used the Alexa Ranking stats to decide about the changes (reflected in the below images). We can see that once known as the powerful and popular blogs are moving down in recent days. There will be many reasons for this, but as far as I know, it is Google’s Panda and the same old ways of interacting with the readers. The latter one can be explained as, many of the old and new blogs (you can include me!) use the same old ways to talk to the readers or visitors, but the user will find it boring and he will lose interest in the content for sure.

Below Image compares top blogs like labnol, amitbhawani, thewindowsclub, shoutmeloud and blogsdna

The second image is the comparison between fonearena, dailybloggr, buzzom, and new entry of BGR –

From the above images of the comparisons using Alexa, we can clearly see that all are losing grounds and the reach of total internet users are decreasing for all bloggers. Is the excess use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is the reason for this? What do you think?

Disclaimer: The blogs mentioned here are not meant for advertising nor criticizing them. I am nowhere the sole decider for the popularity of these blogs. Alexa is not the perfect place to check the status of any websites, many experts claims that they can bring any website’s Alexa Rank to a higher level. But these stats shows no manipulation of traffic or reach. Can you see that?

New Baby Blogs are the main reason for this?

This note should be considered as 90% true fact. Isn’t it? Yes, there are millions of websites live on Internet based on WordPress, Blogger and other platforms. Many youth is geek and choosing the Tech, Gadgets and Social Media as the primary niche for blogging as it is their interest and they love to write about their interest.

Thousands of blogs write about the same topics across their websites and the traffic to these topics are consolidated between these blogs. Top authority sites get the majority of the traffic as they rank higher for the keywords, but low competition keywords will be shared with the new comers. You can get this as the way to get into top, if you write really well and your blog is useful for readers and it brings your readers back and create the engaging things for them on your blogs.

What are the new ways?

The new ways of blogging includes many new things. (if you know other ways, mention in the comments please!)

  • Reviews from users
  • Reviews from trusted sources
  • Video Blogging (YouTube “grabs in” almost all search for the howto articles!)
  • New Trendy and responsive design (like, Tech crunch, The Verge, Engadget)
  • Reader engagements (like Mashable Follow)
  • Complete integration of social reading (as we can see many global Tech & Gadgets blogs are integrated with many Apps, Browsers & Social Networks)

The Social reading really matters. You can bring more traffic by integrating the social media to your blogs. I have tried my best to integrate Q&A mechanism to TekNoise. You may join me there on Tech and Gadgets articles spreads very fast in the social networks. If your friend read any article, then you will be curious to know what are in it. But to integrate the Social Network in its full extent, one need to implement it in all the ways which are possible. The old RSS to email trends are gone and users don’t want to give up their email inbox to blog posts. If it works for you, then it is not permanent.

We can see the ongoing efforts put by the top bloggers to bring their glorious days back by changing the theme designs, layouts (yes Labnol!) and try changing the domains (yes Amitbhawani!) and bring back to same old domains! Many of them are leaving these sites to run as much days it can and moved on to other areas of making money online. Many of them started different blogs for latest trends, such as Android, iOS and Apps etc. Many are finding the ways to make an Identity by providing something unique t the web.


There is nothing to conclude here. You should conclude yourself about where you are? what is the next step and why you are different than others. Although many of us (only if you are a blogger!) are small baby bloggers, how can we become a young and dashing blogger by implementing the new technology? I am now working on a unique Social Network strictly for Bloggers, Webmasters and Web Designers –, please signup and enjoy the features before others do. Share your views in the comments form below.


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