Google Circles: Google’s own social network to beat Facebook?

It is now almost confirmed that Google has named their own social networking product as Google Circles. But Google has declined any such launch of Google Circles.


I am thinking, “If Google Buzz, Picasa, gmail and Connect are combined together, then it is also will be a Social Network!”

The hoax news about “Google Circles” or “Google me” came from ReadWriteWeb, reported that Google is to launch a major social service that offers photo, video and status message sharing. But later ReadWriteWeb posts that Google officially denied the hoax about Google Me/Circles and they didn’t forgot to say that “If the news is true, then everything users share on Circles will be shared only with the most appropriate circle of social contacts in their lives, not with all your contacts in bulk”.

According to some blog posts the new Circles website might be launched at Google’s annual I/O conference, which is scheduled on May 2011. Google’s annual I/O conference has so far seen many big launches like Google Wave, Google TV and many others.

However, Google did not deny the existence of such a product. Industry sources indicate that Google Circles is a product of some of the best minds working at the company including Chris Messina and Jonathan Sposato (Picnik founder).

Google is aiming to build a product that is friendly towards the user and the developers with focus on web standards. The company has already started releasing minor updates to their other services that hint at this new service. Google Profiles recently was overhauled with tight integration of Buzz and Picasa. Circles launch should not be far away. Google has already stopped the Orkut Blog Updates (Inside Orkut). Orkut is losing its charm day by day and losing its users too. My friends and even me! Often use Orkut. But 2 years before, the situation for Orkut was like, what now Facebook is ruling around the web.

Google has reportedly built a social network called Google Circles intended to help users share photos, videos and status messages with only the most appropriate people. Google is already using the term “social circles” for a feature that shows its understanding of user’s contacts within its recently upgraded social search tool.

According to experts, Google Circles differentiate itself from other social networks by being friendly to Web standards and developers. Google might compete with Facebook by introducing additional services like Fan Pages, Apps, API, and Places etc. These services’ constraints are meant to inspire better sharing more intimate conversations. As for making tools that developers like to incorporate and extend, Circles may have good timing given Twitter’s strained relationship with its developer ecosystem.

There are many more social networks and social apps online right now. Google Circles will have to be unique, distinctive, and accumulate a lot of users fast in order to get developers to spend their time with its APIs.

Google’s Chief Eric Schmidt has already said many times that the Search Engine King is not looking to develop any Facebook clone. Although, If it is launched, then TekNoise will use each and every service of Google.

Don’t forget, era will change always, First Orkut, then Facebook and next might be Circles or any other!

Update: As we already said, Google released the Social Networking site “Google +” and you can see the word Circles all around the site. You can create Circles and add your friends and family to it.


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