Where Should You Learn Foreign Languages Online For Free?

Learning a foreign language is kind of passion and hobby. Many reasons for learning foreign language which helps in immigration, family and friends, work, studying abroad, research, secret communication. Many people love to learn foreign language which helps them to understand other people thinking. For example: A person learns a bit of French language so even if he starts communicating in day to day life with friends and family his fluency can be increased. After learning that course in particular basic certificates are provided by those reputed websites. So here are many software tools which are going to help in building foreign language skills.

Learning foreign language person must spend the time. Person must concentrate hugely on the writing, vocabulary, speaking, grammatical and study words and phrase. One more kind learning is listening and read every day. One hour of listening and reading makes more effective in improving language. One should take his own responsibility of learning language, for example if he trains his mind for learning sure he will learn language easily with fewer amounts of efforts. Person must not worry if you are not able to understand or forget or cannot repeat that pronunciation. So just sit back and enjoy classes. Just see that you spend enough time with language that only key for success of that acquiring language. Most important part in language learning is grammatical part.


Live mocha is one of well known website for learning foreign language. From this site we can learn many things like new vocabulary words and frame grammatical sentence and many castles are given to solve comprehension. From which learner can get idea of learning new language. Every day person can refer new words in site and use in day today life. So that leaner will remember those words when to use where to use and how to use those words. There are 35 language courses are provided by this famous websites. Best thing about this websites here query can be asked put into comment column. Expert take those query as responsible and provide better answers by learner has keen interest to learn new language. By using live mocha people are converting their notes in to other language and sharing with other country friends.


Busuu has video learning and well interactive type learn language. Busuu is oneEuropefamous language learning site. It has one advantage of free flashcard and it has keyboard short cuts by which user can easily use keyboard instead of mouse keep on clicking. Busuu is better than live mocha because it has more vocabulary updates every day. Here busuu has four level of testing learner they from A1 to B2. Currently there are French, Spanish, and German. Here there is quiz with multiple choice learner gets interesting way of learning new language. Experts provide tips to learner how to memorize words and frame new sentence in that particular language. Busuu is going to come up application in smart phone user can event take advantage of learning new language in mobile also. Busuu is so flexible websites. Here many note tools are provided by you can convert those language in to user readable language.


BBC language is also providing language learning skills. Here French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese. Here beginner courses are provided to learner. Learner can learn basic course in 12 weeks. Even phrase of the day, teaching and tutors, foreign-language TV, grammar vocabulary and pronunciation column are given. Here website offers audio and video learning of languages. So that learner can effortless learn more words and understand new language easily. BBC languages website has testing column where learner can test his ability of language and merit certificates are provided which are worldwide accepted. Many experts every day visit learner query and answer those question and guide learner to develop skills. Experts provide tips to learner how to memorize words and frame sentence in that particular language.


Internet polygot is providing e-books of learning type here the learner can learn by seeing PDF file where words and meanings is memorized. By many words can grasp easily and kept in mind. Here website is providing many glossary words from which user can search those words in books and frame sentence. Spanish, French, Turkish, Greek, Italian and many other language are been thought in this website. More over there are 36 languages in this site user can those courses and improve skills. After learning languages basic course certificate is provided and testing his language skills. Here is quiz type question are asked with multiple choices which creates interest in learner for reading new language. Many experienced and well qualified teacher solve query for new language leaner through this site.


Memrise is a tool of learning words and its meaning. This tool provides completely different and understandable format by which user can interface its new words in day today life. After learning from this tool, learner never forgets words and its meaning because special kind of learning is provided. So that brain keeps those words in mind for longer time and use the words at correct situation. Here in this site tools like fastest way of learning, learning by use gaming, smartest way of learning language. Through this tools user can improve its vocabulary and sentence grammar in well developed format. There is testimonial column where comments of user can be written to know the opinion of their view in own words. Many qualified expert take query of new beginner of language solve it on the spot. Experts provide tips to learner how to memorize vocabulary and frame sentence in that particular language.


  1. Chintan Jain:

    These are some really helpful website to learn more, however i am using “Live mocha” as of now since the BBC website is too much complicated with its English..

    • Riten Jain:

      Yup I agree, but BBC news will actually help everyone to improve more on their English and communication part


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