3 Ways to Improve Your Internet Connection Speed & Browsing Experience Exponentially

Speed is one of the best traits of a perfect internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection with good and encouraging speed – you may find it hard to enjoy your internet access. Fast speed internet connection makes it easier for people to get the best from their browsing sessions without much stress with fastest mode of data transmission.

Tips to Increase Internet Speed and Browsing

These days, internet service providers are no more providing good internet services and that makes it hard for people to enjoy the internet as fast as it used to be before. However, among the internet service providers that are providing this services, few of them still offer exceptional service to their customers.

So what may be the cause of a slow speed internet connection? In most cases, it happens that the person that is using the connection is the one who causes his internet connection to slow down.

The reason I said this is because, internet users uses their connection for things that are not necessarily important for them at times. For example, it happens a while ago when I was still using the old computer, which I bought from Amazon some years ago for my blogging activities. On the computer, I normally visits websites that had images and videos, I used to download larger files from the internet and some others things. Unknown to me then that most of those things can affect my internet connection bandwidth until when I discovered it.

If you have been looking for ways to make your connection system perform better, this article will be like a guide for you to show you the right way. And, I have carefully listed below some of the basic things you need to avoid in order to make your internet connection work faster and to satisfy your internet needs.

Avoid Websites with Loads of Graphics (heavy images, videos and some others):

Any website that is full of contents like images, videos, and .gif is not a kind of website that you can visit on regular occasions. Consistent visits to websites that has too many graphical contents can affect and decrease your bandwidth faster than how you might ever think.

Solution: Visit websites that have pure text contents mixed with little graphical contents.

Share Your Internet Connection with Only Those That Won’t Waste It:

It is good for people to be nice to others. However, it is not also good for you to be too much nice to people because they may take you for granted. The reason for this is that, if you are sharing your internet connection with your friends and families, they may starts to do some of the things explained in the first line above and thereby exhaust your bandwidth.

If you want to share your internet with your family members, make sure that you limit the amount of bandwidth for each persons involved. You can do this by from your wireless router settings or you can also inform the person about type of what you can allow them to use the connection for.

Browse At the Right Time of the Day:

This has happened to me many times and I have to share it with you to help you in getting the best of your internet connection so that you will not be blaming your ISP instead.

If you love to browse the internet during the day, it may occur that you will have limitation in getting the actual amount of speed that your internet service provider promises you.

The first time when you wanted to subscribe for internet service, they might promises to offer you a particular amount of data transfer rate, and you later found out that you are unable to connect at that rate. What cause it is because the time you are browsing the internet is the peak time of the day.

Peak time in this sense means, the time when the amount of people that are surfing the internet is at climax. During this period, the speed of internet connection is normally low because everybody will be sending and receiving data on the same line in your area and that will affect your internet access speed.

Solution: Only browse at times when people are sleeping in your area if you want a faster internet access. Early hour of the day is the best time for faster internet connection.


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