How To Decrypt & RIP DVDs Using Free Open Source HandBrake Software?

HandBrake is a free tool which provides a plenty of similar features for the beginners and intermediate users available for Mac, Linux and Windows Operating System. This tool which is an open source program can convert a DVD into formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM that can be played on your PC, MAC, Linux box, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, Television, iPhone or mobile phone. By decrypting the DVD’s with HandBrake you can rip the DVD’s.

Ripping the videos is the good way of backup and stream videos over your network. This involves installing a DVD decrypter to break the Content Scramble System (CSS) copy protection so your HandBrake can read the information and copy it to self contained video file. For this method to work fine, the decrypter needs to be able to decrypt anything that you want to rip.

Methods to decrypt DVD’s:

Download and install HandBrake:

At first you need to install software up to 0.9.5 available from the HandBrake Website mentioned in the end of this post. After installing open the HandBrake application. The application should open to a simple interface.

Download and install necessary dll file:

In many of the Windows versions the DVD functionality program is not available. You need to include it into your device from the external sources. Software that play DVD’s rely on the dll files and this can read the encrypted file for playback. The common dll file used is libdvdcss in most of the software’s. The libdvdcss combined with HandBrake can decrypt the DVD’s while transcoding without any additional software.

In order to get the dll file you can download a DVD player which is based on it. You can download VLC or GOM Player with codec in order to find remedy to this issue and playback the DVD video without hassle. We use XBMC (Open Source) and download it from their website mentioned in the end of this tutorial.

Get the XBMC installation directory:

Once you have installed HandBrake and XBMC, browse the XBMC installation directory in the folder


And copy the libdvdcss-2.dll file to the HandBrake installation folder. Rename the file to libdvdcss.dll and restart the HandBrake as shown in the image below.

Insert the DVD:

Select the DVD you want to copy or backup and insert it into your Mac. Click on the icon that says “Source” and click your DVD drive. Once you have done with this you can see many titles included in the disc. Select one file among them.

Set the format:

Once you selected certain file as an output format, you can select the other settings such as video quality, audio track, Audio sample Rate, bitrates, Picture setting etc.

Rip the DVD:

Check the settings and click start. The DVD inserted will be decrypted directly in HandBrake and the ripping procedure will continue.


The ripping speed depends on many factors such as machine speed, file size etc and it might take few minutes to few hours to complete the process. Now the HandBrake had become the best ripping tool which can be used for all the platforms and by this you can easily backup the scratched DVD’s and watch them as a high video quality movie, music, photos, etc.

XBMC Website / HandBrake Website


  1. Ashish:

    This is what I was looking for. I have many DVDs to be decrypt and work around on the copying part. Thanks for these tips, It will help me soon. I will reply once after I complete these process in my computer.

    • Mohammed Farhan:

      Thanks and Glad you liked the tips. Please share this with your friends. I hope you will successfully complete the process of decrypting and ripping DVD.


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