iPad 3 Specifications, Price and Release Date – By Combining All Rumours

As reported by Digi Times, Apple is planning to launch an upgraded version of iPad 2 in the March of 2012. Apple has planned to call this device a “real” iPad 3, but the name is not yet confirmed. This new tablet is assumed to be featured with High resolution Retina Display.

iPad 3 display and games

Apple has not yet placed the orders for the new iPad to be released. If it does, it might come up with certain minor upgrades such as adding 4G support to the tablet. It is rumoured that this iPad 3 would be thinner than the earlier and is said to offer better battery life than the current model. It may also be packed with the A6 processor which is much faster than the iPad 2.

Now let us see the features that apple is willing to include in iPad 3 according to the rumours.

A6 Processor:

The current Apple Tablet is proved to be one of the powerful tablets because of its 900MHz Cortext-A9 processor. This has made Apple a strong competitor in the world of tablets. Now it is aiming to give a tougher competition by incorporating A6 Quad-core processor. This is much faster than the iPad 2.

iOS 5:

The iPad 3 is expected to come up with the latest iOS (Operating System), this will provide a multi-touch gesture technology to this iPad. There is also a rumour saying that Apple might also introduce OS X Lion for this tablet as it supports multitasking features.


Apple is striving hard to introduce Retina Display feature in iPad 3 with 9.7inch full touchscreen with the screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. It is also speculated that the tablet will have a display with 3D view.


The iPad 3 is expected to have an improved version of camera compared to the current iOS Tablet . The new tablet will have a 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash. It camera will have 1080 pixel or 720 pixel video recording quality of 60 frames per second.


iPad 3 will have a thinner and lighter battery but with a higher shelf life. These qualities will make the battery cost about 20-30% more than the current battery used in iPad 2. This is expected to come with another special feature of wireless charging and also transferring data wirelessly.


It has been said that the idea of an iPad 3 with a Retina Display to be launched is merely a wishful thinking and may not be true. The manufacturing issues suggest that Apple might take quite long time to include equipments such as A6 processor, 4G support in this model. Apple is also facing difficulties in production and cost of A6 processor and also the want to include Retina Display.

Apple iPad 3 Price:

Apple iPad is expected to be released during the early 2012 and is expected to cost around $859.



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