Simple Steps To Synchronize Google Calendar On iPhone (Beginners)

In the Day today life performing tasks in a busy scheduled environment has become tedious for all the people of the world especially business personnel. You may want to remember your dates, appointments, tasks, schedules etc. It becomes too much of expectation from a common man to memorize and remember all the tasks and work. Your mobile device has always been helping you in doing things. Long back Google has already developed a Google Calendar which can take care of your entire reminders, jobs and tasks list. You can handle this application in iPhone with just having a Google Account.

Google Calendar:

This is a Web based application by Google. The specialty of this application is that it can create multiple Calendars. Each Calendar can be defined by different names. The names usually define the type of group of people with whom the work is organized with. The Calendar events can be shared and synchronized with your friends and the groups you want to share the events list.

Compatibility to Synchronization of Google Calendar:

The Google Calendar application can be synchronized to almost all the mobile devices. This can also be used on your Pc for the Microsoft Outlook by third party software and also through Apple’s iCal software. The Google Calendar application is supported by all the Android powered mobile phones.

Steps to synchronize Google Calendar for your iPhone:

  • When you synchronize Google Calendar on iPhone ensure that any other Calendar is disabled on your mobile device. Clear all the Calendar applications like the Outlook Calendar.
  • To use the Synchronization services on your iPhone go to iPhone Safari and to Google Sync option. Tap your finger on ‘manage devices’ option and check the box which has the name of the Calendar you want to synchronize your iPhone with. Then click on Save.
  • Under the Home page, go to ‘Settings’ menu which is present in the Home Screen. Then move on to ‘mails, contacts, calendar’ option and tap on ‘add account’ option from the accounts icon.
  • Now select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ option and under the option for e-mail, enter your Gmail address. Then go on to Google home page through your mobile using the Domain. Enter the Gmail username and password and click on ‘next’. On the top of the screen choose ‘cancel’ option if it cannot verify your certificate. This is probably a problem of your browser.
  • Select the ‘Google Calendar’ option and check on ‘next’ option. When you are notified defines the server name as and proceeds with ‘next’ option. Ensure that your ‘Calendar’ option is enabled or switched ‘on’ and keep the mail in ‘on’ condition in your iPhone mail to activate the push mail service.
  • The Contacts from Gmail address book will be added provided you keep the Contacts ‘on’. Tap on ‘done’ to successfully accomplish your Google Calendar synchronization with your iPhone.

Have a say in the comments field below If you find any difficulties. Happy Synchronization!


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