Top 4 iPad 2 Genuine Covers and Cases

There is an immense demand for an iPad 2 covers not only to protect the precious device but also to give it a classy look. In today’s advanced market you will find a variety of options for iPad 2 cases, sleeves, skins and covers, all ranging from affordable price to luxurious.

But with loads of options in iPad accessories there are chances you getting confused to make a proper choice. In order to make your life simpler, here are some of iPad 2 covers listed below which will guide you to select the best.

1: Apple iPad Smart Cover


The iPad 2 Smart Covers are dazzling in its simplicity, protects your device without adding any extra thickness to it. It uses magnets to hold the iPad firmly to watch movies and pictures. It is priced around $28, available in wide variety of colors and the main drawback is it does not protect back panel of your device.

2: Bubble Sleeve iPad Hard Cover


The Bubble Sleeve for iPad is a wonderfully designed premium iPad cover, priced at $47.91. This stylish high quality cover protects your device from bruises and bumps. Your device can be used without removing it from the case. Soft foam bubbles on the outside of this rigid EVA-molded case absorb shocks and soften any blows it might get. On the inside there are fitted rubber bumpers that will hold your iPad securely.

3: Leather iPad Journal Cover by Oberon


This newest iPad cover priced at $29 is gorgeously handy crafted in order to make masterpieces with high tech iPad. The device is mounted firmly and securely inside with three leather straps and one elastic band to keep it tightly in place. On the opposite side there are two small pockets for holding important pamphlet or business cards as well as a screen protector.

4: Black TPU Smart Cover Companion

Black TPU Smart Cover Companion for ipad 2

It is the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cover to protect your iPad 2. It’s made basically of silicone, fits iPad 2 like a glove and is not sticky like other silicones. This cover provides excellent grip you can need and is available for $6.99.

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