Top 5 Useful iPhone/iPad Apps For Bloggers

If you are running a blog, there are some free blogging apps for iPhone/iPad to make your life easier. These free iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch apps would let you blog anywhere and anytime. The iPhone has developed as an extremely helpful tool.  Here is the list of best 5 iPhone apps for bloggers.

1: WordPress App for iOS:

WordPress app for iPhone is perhaps one of the world’s biggest Blogging platform giant that has the majority of bloggers blogging in it. With this app you can blog exactly the same way you do on your computer with all the features that the conventional WordPress terminal has.

WordPress for iOS is now available within Apple iPhone, making blogging even easier than ever before. The iPhone app allows you to moderate, edit, or replies to comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos with WordPress for iOS through the intuitive interface. It’s easy to manage your WordPress blog or site from your iOS device.WordPress-App-for-iOS

2: Byline App for iOS:

Byline works just like a RSS reader, lets you to read the latest news and updates from your favorite blogs or websites and allows you the advantage of offline browsing as well. It’s very easy to set up and receive news on Byline. You can either set Byline to sync feeds or add your own feeds by simply using your Google reader account. It will automatically sync with the feeds you have signed up with and deliver new content, putting thousands of RSS and Atom feeds at your fingertips. It synchronizes with the Google reader and provides you direct access to complete web pages even when you have no internet connection.


3: ShoZu App for iOS:

ShoZu lets you to connect with all your favorite social networks or blogs from wherever you are. It is perfect for bloggers, those who use multiple social networking sites to promote their blog. For bloggers, it supports over 50 networks including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, Photobucket, MySpace, WordPress, Photoshop and all your email accounts simultaneously.


4: TypePad App for iOS:

TypePad app is a very helpful app for bloggers. If you are away from your computer, then TypePad makes it easy to blog directly from your mobile phone and even you can blog by email. This app helps bloggers to write new posts, post photos to your blog greatly easier than inserting them manually, and alert your friends when you’ve published a new post. With TypePad people can share and blog pictures with the world from anywhere they are.


5: iBlogger App for iOS:

iBlogger app is the best choice for people, those who are looking for a combination of several blog tools blogging tool for your iPhone which offer them a huge variety blogging services. Using iblogger people can flexibly create posts, categories, tags, pictures, links and location, all at the touch of a finger. This app is not only useful for posting photos you’ve taken using your iPhone, but it also let you to search for photos and images from the Photobucket website.



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