How to Increase iPhone Speaker Volume?

One of the major complaints of the iPhone is low speaker volume. It seems to be a draw back as its one of best among all handsets but in terms of Volume iPhone standard is low as compared to other handsets.

Most of the iPhone users have blamed that the culprit of this problem is iPhone’s tiny speakers. Your iPhone’s speaker volume issue can be resolved and you can start using custom ringtone rather than ringtones currently available on the iPhone.

So if you find your iPhone’s speaker volume too low then here is a tip for you.


Steps to Increase the Volume In iPhone:

  • First off all set the level of the volume on your iPhone
  • Take a needle or clothespin and poke it gently into the speaker holes of your iPhone.
  • Poke the needle or clothespin about 2 millimeters from the top surface of your iPhone.
  • After that you will be able to see some dried white material residue coming out of the speaker holes.
  • After poking your needle, go back to your speaker test.
  • The speaker volume would be increased and you will experience a difference in your speaker volume as it is increased compared to the previous volume.

    This is the simplest way which I have told you in above steps to Increase the Volume in iPhone.

  • Comments

    1. MihirNaik.Com:

      Is this really working? If I made some mistake then speaker will be of no use??

      • PythonSkynet:

        its proven and its working with many users. Try at your own risk.

    2. sadath:

      i buy this iphone last month but its working good and am getting more sound .

    3. Sha4:

      Its really working i`ve tried it, but you have to be carefull with this method


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