How To Remove Fake Windows 7 Fix Malware?

what is Windows 7 Fix?

Windows 7 Fix is a fake computer analysis and optimization program that displays false alerts that state your computer’s hard drive is having problems. Windows 7 Fix is installed via Trojans that display false error messages and security warnings on the infected computer. The messages pop up show in your hard drive is in risk and suggest to download the security program. When you agree with this Windows 7 Fix will be downloaded and installed automatically.

As it is a malware, it configures itself to be started while sytem boots up then it displays your screen with numerous errors. And to clean it you need to purchase the premium version of it. Overall it just pretends that its fixing your problem actually it is not.


the solution for this problem:

First step (a caution) after knowing the situation is you do not delete any files from your temp folder because this malware tricks you by manipulating the shortcuts of start menu to temp folder.

Also this hides some important folder contents to make you believe it is caused by hard drive problem.

You can view your files through organize>foder options>view tab>click on show hidden files radio.

Without a doubt, the tactics used by this program are fraudulent and criminal. Therefore, do not purchase Windows 7 Fix for any reason, and if you already have, please contact your credit card company and state that the program is a computer infection and a scam and that you would like to dispute the charge. To remove this infection and related malware, please follow the steps in the guide below.

Removing Windows 7 Fix using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware:

1. Take a note of the following instructions because you need to close all the opened windows.

2. You also may not be able to download anything from your PC. In this situation you need to switch to another pc connected to internet.

3. Run the program from RKill Download Link which kills all the processes started by the windows7fix.If you are not able to execute this step the alternate is click on start type%userprofile%\desktop\iexplore.exe hit Enter.

Do not reboot your computer after running RKill as the malware programs will start again.

4. Get a Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, or MBAM, from the following location and save it to your desktop: Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Download Link

5. close all the opened windows including this.

6. Execute the mbam-setup.exe program for installation of the program. After installation is finished do not reboot your system even if the program prompts to do so.

7. MBAM will now automatically start and update it as prompted.

8. Next the MBAM’s main window appears


perform a full scan by selecting Perform full scan option under scanner tab.

9. Scanning process will take a long time so be patient.


A message box appears after scan is completed.


continue the removal process of windows 7 fix as instructed by MBAM

10. come back to main screen of MBAM click on show results. The malware’s detected will be listed.


click on remove selected button to remove all the listed malwares. If asked for a reboot allow it to do so.

11. After reboot and login process the scanned items are logged in a notepad and is being displayed, review it and close the notepad window.

12. You can now exit the MBAM program.

13. Now you are free from windows 7 fix and if still the contents are hidden the download and run the following link Unhide.exe

Source [Bleepingcomputer]


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