AMD Llano Starts Shipping, (Intel Core i7 vs AMD Accelerated Quad-Core Processor A8)

Production units of AMD’s 32 nanometer quad-core “Llano” A-Series Accelerated Processor Units (APU) with discrete-level graphics are now shipping.

AMD’s blog post announced that Llano is shipping to OEMs, and the below image shows the staffs in the company’s Singapore factory surrounding a box that contains one of the first batches of Llano processors.


AMD’s Chief Financial Officer and Interim CEO Thomas Seifert mentioned on his Webcast, “Customers are very excited about Llano coming to market and we will look forward to seeing our “Llano”-based systems in the market this quarter — the second quarter.”

The Llano parts will have their own place in the processor ecosystem, and it will be different from that of Sandy Bridge. For Llano’s APU, AMD has used their considerable experience in building best-in-class integrated graphics processors to pack a ton of APU performance onto each Llano chip. Llano desktops should offer extremely good price/performance ratios for gamers and Llano will be a great gaming portable.


Intel gets the performance of Sandy Bridge’s trailing-edge GPU, then AMD will get it from Llano, which will do even better than Intel. Llano’s DirectX11-class APU will outperform Sandy Bridge’s. Intel’s Ivy Bridge, which launch next year Q1, can only stand in front of Llano.

AMD has said that the first Llano parts will show up in laptops and desktop parts will flow later in the summer. The company is not giving out any information on which specific products are shipping.

More information about systems based on AMD A-Series APUs will be available when AMD officially launch the “Llano” APU later this quarter. However, if you want a sneak peak of the brilliant HD graphics, power efficiency and supercomputing power “Llano” is expected to deliver, take a look at this video. This video will show you the actual Intel Core i7 vs AMD Accelerated Quad-Core Processor A8:



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