Xbox 360 Slim vs PS3 Slim Comparison And Review

A complete review and comparison of PS3 Slim and Xbox 360 Slim

Both the companies have slashed their price and brought it down to $299, which means the price factor doesn’t quite hold ground and everything comes down to their features. Given below are details of some of the main factors that have to be taken into consideration when you compare PS3 Slim and Xbox 360 Slim.


Features: Xbox 360 Slim scores in terms of appearance, but the PS3 Slim takes the crown in terms of features offered by these consoles. As in the case of Xbox 360 vs PS3 comparison, the Blu-ray technology comes to Sony’s rescue yet again. Similarly, PS3’s excellent Bluetooth compatibility is yet another factor which makes it stand top among the 2.

Appearance: When we talk about redesigned gaming consoles, appearance does matter and when it comes to appearance, the Xbox 360 Slim scores over its counterpart. Both the consoles are lot smaller than their previous versions, but when kept side by side PS3 Slim looks a bit dull as compared to the Xbox 360 Slim. In fact, many people are of the opinion that the Xbox 360 Slim looks better than the original Xbox 360, while the original PS3 looked better than its new version, the PS3 Slim.

Games: Xbox Live makes sure that its stays in the race for the best console among the two. The lengthy list of Xbox 360 games offered as a part of the Xbox Live service also gives Xbox 360 Slim a slight edge in terms of games offered. However, the PS3 Slim bounces back in the PS3 Slim and Xbox 360 Slim comparison with its superb graphics which add to your gaming appearance by making various video games look as good as real.

Those were some of the most prominent points of distinction in the Xbox 360 Slim vs PS3 Slim comparison. Finally, the PS3 Slim, powered by Blu-ray technology and superb graphics, scores over Xbox 360 Slim. The sleek appearance and Xbox Live service are no doubt appealing, but they fail to give it that much needed boost to topple the PS3 Slim off the top spot.

Below is the detailed comparison by

Update: In recent, XBOX 360 Elite includes HDMI cables and Plays all DVDs and CDs (thanks to MEXICAN 61989)


  1. Mexican61989:

    That chart is wrong the elite does come with an hdmi cable and all xbox 360plays DVDs and cd

    • Musthafa:


  2. Kevin:

    One more thing about the chart. PS3 does in fact works with previous generations, sort of. The original PS3 could run both PSx and PS2 emulating software, but the more recent model (the one I have) only does PSx, presumably because while PS2 is older technology, it is still big enough to be a big compromise. I noticed the PS2 capabilities on the first PS3 played with laggy framerates and longer processing times. PSx emulation on both are just fine. (I still play my FFVII all the time and it works fine). To this day I do not believe the newer model of PS3 can even download an external application in order to play PS2 games, but I may be mistaken.


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